Original Xbox When did you buy your first Xbox?


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Sep 22, 2011
Can you remember when you purchased your first Xbox console? Let's share some memories about our original Xbox. Did you buy it as soon as it was released? How much did you like it? Were you impressed or disappointed by it?
I waited about 3 months and then bought it. My kids wanted it so bad! I gave it to them for one of the holidays as a family gift. They loved it - to be honest I loved it too. Of course we have moved on to bigger and better things!
I actually got my very first Xbox as a Valentine's gift from my girlfriend at the time. I remember we played it with her brother and we were all hooked on Halo and a dirt bike motocross game. Those were some good times before discovering multiplayer gaming, which took it to a whole other level.
I got mine when it was released. I loved all my memories about all my vintage console and games. Now, it seems to be too much online playing involved in games today
I got mine secondhand at the end of it's life cycle. I only paid like 20 bucks for it, so it was a steal. I didn't really play it much though as i was more interested in other consoles.
I got my first Xbox console back in 2004, it was kind of late but I still managed to squeeze it into my agenda back then, If I had known that the 360 would be coming out the next year, I would've bought it instead.
I am trying desperately to remember when I first bought it but for some reason I cannot remember. I think that I actually got it as a Christmas gift. I got it when they used to sell the console with the Star Wars and Tetris game. Man I remember how excited I was when I first ripped the box, but man that felt like it was ages ago.
Got mine during 02 for $199 but I was still playing my Dreamcast and buying games from Japan, I started playing my Xbox around 03 with games like GunValkyrie and Jet set radio future they were fun titles to play and I didn't give a shit about Halo.