Xbox 360 When The Hunter Becomes The Hunted


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Nov 28, 2012
Has anyone else here been hunting a lot in Far Cry 3 and frequently found yourself the prey instead of the predator? I can't even tell you guys how many times I've been hunting for some animal and been killed by that animal, instead. Am I the only one?
Yeah, I get killed by animals I'm trying to hunt, too. Even though I have a good weapon on me at all times, some of these animals are quick and very powerful. It doesn't take much for one of them to kill you.
You're not the only one, mystified. I think all of us that have played Far Cry 3 have been killed by a wild animal at least once. I've been killed numerous times, myself. I've had more trouble from some of the wild animals I was hunting than from some of the enemies I had to kill.
I've been killed by animals before too, but if you have a really good weapon, you can cut down on how often that happens. I like to use the bow and arrow myself, because most animals can be killed from a distance with just a single arrow.
When I was hunting the "Rare golden tiger" I thought I had it all under control. I did not. I was using the recurve bow for the first time and I was not very familiar with it, also I had my eyes on one tiger, and I was not even thinking about the others that could have been around. I snuck up on the tiger, but all of the sudden two jumped out of the bushes and started attacking me. Because I was using the default weapon holster, my only weapon was the bow. I was unable to shoot the arrow and put another in before the tigers were on me again. This is one of many experiences in Far Cry 3 where I, the hunter, became the hunted.
Yip, I do get killed a lot. There was this once when you had to kill 3 leopards. When I got one, the other two started running for me. Took me hours to get them all 3, only using the bow...