Where do you get your PS2 games?


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Aug 1, 2012
We used to get our PS2 games from Game Stop, but at least the one here has really stopped selling them. They have a few, but not like they used to. Where do you get your PS2 games from?
There's a local shop here who sells top PS2 games for really small prices. I got San Andreas a few months ago for only 15$ (Somebody took care of my original copy of the game so I had to buy another one...lucky me).
We actually went to a local flea market last weekend and there were a LOT of PS2 games there and some of them were only $1. I actually bought some games for my kids to play when they get a little bigger. That way they can still play video games and I don't have to go buy a new game system for them. :)
A flea market? That sounds great! I wish there was one in my neighborhood. I visited a flea market last year during my trip abroad, and managed to get a couple of games. There were not many I liked there, but still, I could find two at very low prices.
I check out the local newspaper from time to time, there are plenty of people bored with their games and sell them for a few dollars. They're usually in good conditions and for a couple of bucks I say it's worth it.
Unfortunately, were talking about an after market product when we're talking about the PS2 and the games for it. I always have to hunt down deals at various online outlets like amazon and ebay if I want to ever find some of those old games from my memory.
I usually get mine from Game Stop (online or at an actual store). The online shop offers deals from time to time, and they have a great selection of used games. The store also has a collection of used and new games, and I have one very close to my house. Otherwise I go on Amazon (online store). They have a pretty decent selection, and it's a very easy site to navigate through their categories or keyword searches. I would love to check out a flea market, if we had one around here. I did in the last place I lived, and it was great for things like PS2 and gameboy games. I'm sure CraigsList probably has some that are decently priced. Goodwill might have some, but there selection is usually pretty terrible.
Yeah, I'd just search for them on Ebay or Craigslist. There are a few local stores that specialize on "classic" systems and I think still carry them, but I know there aren't tons of stores like that around. I don't think you can get them at Gamestop at all anymore.
I used to get my games at game stop or Walmart when I had mine. Sadly I had to sell it last year.