Who are the artists for the old Xbox Avatar Marketplace outfits?

Discussion in 'Xbox 360' started by Zion Walkowiak, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Zion Walkowiak

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    Aug 27, 2019
    I'm curious why there's no specific credits for the RARE art team/artists who made a lot of the original 360 Avatar outfits and props anywhere; I'd like to follow more of their artwork but I've been digging all day and I can't find any specific names. I did find a few freelancers online with a couple avatar costumes in their portfolios, as well as "Disruptive Publishers" who created a portion of them, but I'm sure there's a ton of artists from RARE who I just can't find the names of. It would be nice if there was a credits section or an imdb page.

    Honestly I searched hard for prolly 6 hours, two separate times before I posted this, and I only found a couple 3-D artists on ArtStation who made only a couple models; as well as the aforementioned "Disruptive Publishers" who made a lot of them but only showed a few on their site's portfolio. I thought of cross referencing the IMDB credits for Rare's games and the Kinect Games at the time to find common names, since Rare was the origin of the 360 Avatars, but that got me nowhere either. Rare's site itself is also pretty anemic, doesn't show you any of the artists.

    I could try contacting someone at Rare or Microsoft, but what are the odds they'll respond, let alone put in the work to find the employee files/unrevealed credits to put em out there for us.

    (This is a repost from https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us...essageId=2fc7f5bf-03a4-4c73-a2da-4d10c2af6308 since a Microsoft Support manager told me this was a better forum to ask this)