Why did my account get suspended?

Alright this is bs for real. Obviously whoever that supervisor dude I talked to on the phone for Xbox customer support doesn't care about his customers cuz dude treated me wrong. I'm about to trade in this Xbox cuz I'm sick of dealing with this bs. I'm not gonna pay all this money to be treated like this. Xbox is about to loose a very good customer and about a dozen more cuz of all my friends I've referred.
No. I don't do any of that bs. And all Xbox support did was tell me to go to forums and I couldn't find out any reason still... I want answere's or I'm going back to playstation network. I spend way to much money on Xbox live to be treated like this.
why did FBI T0XIC R4IN get banned for 9999 i talked on the phone and they said see y u were so i check and no reason nothing no new msges. someone told me they were going to ban me cuz i kicked them from the party and they did. cuz there wasnt any msgs in my email acc. plz unban me i have gold on tht acc and now i cnt play this is stupid
check and see if you can on the ban proses if i was ever ban by u guys cuz i wasnt now i have to w8 and go buy gold to play battlefield 3
ik i called 2ce thinking theyll help all i want is my acc back. they cnt unban it u guys ddnt even ban me they think no one can ban ppl but them there wrong there is
Hey guys...You know that this is an independent xbox forum, right? If you got banned on xbox, chances are you were doing something wrong. If not, give them a call- 1-800-4my-xbox