why did my account get suspended

oh ok well thanks anyways is there anyway to start it up again i worked on it really hard
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Either Bio. Or Asking someone for microsoft points for xbox live favors. idk, something against code of conduct. not all things have to be mod related.
i dont have mods oh well thanks anyways your great help
I didn't say you did, I all know is that you got banned, I am guessing there was a reason you got banned. I can also assume it was something that went against the rules. Hope you get it figured out!
Did you get any help with getting your situation plz let me no
could've also been in a game with a modded xbox. heard of both parties getting banned
Yeah, I've heard of both boxes getting kicked out of Live if one of them is modded too. Could be something to do with that if there's nothing else you've done that is against the rules.