Xbox 360 Why has this game not gotten to recognition it deserved?


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Nov 4, 2012
The history of Bayonetta starts off pretty good. Created by the former creator of Devil May Cry, Hideki Kamiya. Bayonetta was the game that was meant to challenge God of War, Ninja Gaiden, and Devil May Cry. But when the game released, the people that normally buy the previously mentioned games in droves didn't show up for Bayonetta. And I'm not sure why that is because the game is actually good and at least as worthy as Devil May Cry?

Why do you think Bayonetta just fell apart the way it did?
I have no idea why a lot of people didn't play this game, but everyone should. It is one of my favorites and it really sucks the sequel is a Wii U exclusive (no achievements), but I'm just really glad it exists and hope that they make even more.
I dunno, but in the usual places I go to I see a lot of people who really loved this game. Fans of older games such as DMC seem to have got it and enjoyed it. Hell, I even know one guy that hates DMC (says it's too slow) but loved Bayonetta, though he complained about Bayonetta's design.
Honestly, God of War and DMC/MGR/Bayonetta are two different types of games. DMC/MGR/Bayonetta is more combo heavy while God of War is more of a button mash game. Hence, I don't find it surprising God of War players not liking Bayonetta. I can agree that the game isn't as popular as God of War, but it received high scores from most critics. I guess we can agree that God of War is also more popular than DMC, but that doesn't mean that the game "fell apart". It just shows that Bayonetta addresses a different audience than the God of War's audience.
I agree with most of what Tofu said, but the fact remains that Bayonetta has a small audience and, like crossunitedfate, that kind of baffles me. Yes, it's a different audience than that of God of War, but considering the reviews it got, I don't know where the fans are.
I'm not too sure why it wasn't a popular game. I personally enjoyed it and know a lot of people who are fans of it. It is a fantastic game! It boasted a great storyline
and the art direction was so beautiful. The enemy and character design was very, very beautiful and the soundtrack was amazing. The fighting style was fantastic
(I am a fan of DMC so thats probably why). The only small thing I can think of is some of the cutscenes were moving stills and I would have liked to have seen them
animated, like the opening cutscene.