Wii U


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Aug 7, 2012
As you probably know, the new Wii, called Wii U will be launched this fall. Nintendo announced most of the features, like the new controllers. What do you think about it? Will you get one?
I think my kids are going to want one before its too late and I should start eying the deals now. I am not sure if everything I have read up on it is worth the price though, new controllers are okay but they do not make a good system.
We have a vita, but I'm still perfectly happy playing on my DS XL. Wii is generally geared towards kids and I don't want to drop the money just to play Mario and Zelda. I have a regular Wii and all I ever do is dust it. My Xbox gets more play than anything else in the house, with the PS coming in second and the DS 3rd. But if I had kids I know we would play the Wii more and the Wii U might be a possibility.
We don't have any plans to get the new Wii anytime soon. When they flat out tell you that they are overpricing it for people with "higher levels of disposable income" you know that it is overpriced. I'll just wait a year until the price drops by half!
We won't be buying the Wii U anytime soon, either. While I do like the new controller design, we already have the original Wii and we don't play Nintendo games enough as it is. Once the price drops, we'll consider it.
We might get one when the price comes way, way down. I don't generally jump right on board with anything electronic just as soon as it comes out. I would rather wait until they release it and all of the bugs have a chance to come to light and get taken care of first.
Nope! No plans to get one anytime soon. We have discussed getting a Wii, but I don't think I would be interested in upgrading it to the Wii U just as soon as it came out either. Besides, you can get a Wii for a whole lot less.
No, I won't be getting it anytime soon. I agree with everyone above regarding the fact that the Nintendo consoles are for kids. Maybe my girlfriend and I will purchase one for her nephew's birthday. He saw that online commercial about the Wii U the other day, and he was excited about it being released this year.
We have no plans on getting the Wii U, as I think it's gonna be a huge waste of time.
As an Xbox fan, I don’t have any plans of getting the new Wii U. I already have a Wii and I only used it for exercise games, I admit they are pretty cool. If I have spare money I would rather spend on new Xbox games or Gold membership.
I'm not going to get one until the new Super Smash Bros Universe is out and I can see if it's good or not. In fact, I might just not get one at all and play that on my friends, since he is undoubtedly going to get one. I'm not really a loyal nintendo fanboy anymore.
I've never been a big Nintendo fan so I don't think I'll get it either. I did own the Wii, but I never used it due to the poor game selection. Unless I have an excess amount of money, I won't be buying the Wii U.
I haven't even see any commericals for it or advertisment for new wii u games. So I guess it's a big flop?
I doubt I'll be getting this, at least anytime soon. I finally gave in and ended up getting a Wii only last year and I barely play it. I haven't seen many games I'd bother getting on the Wii U so I think I'll just wait it out and see if their game selection improves/the price drops. If not, I won't be.
Nintendo keep releasing weird things lol.
It looks pretty weird -- but I think I'd enjoy the normal Wii more than the Wii U.