WiiU controllers


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Jan 20, 2012
Has anyone heard anything about the new WiiU? I'm wondering if the controllers are going to be any better then the Wii? I want something like the Kinect controllers (you know your body). Has anyone heard anything about it?
I am pretty sure the controllers are like a DS half, but connected to the console, I could be wrong though.
I haven't heard anything about it. What's the difference between the traditional Wii and the WiiU? Has the WiiU already come out, or is this an upcoming console?
The WiiU is not out yet - it's the newest console from Nintendo. I really hope that Nintendo makes the remote controller better. You would think that they would want to improve on the items that people complain about.
The last I heard, the Wii U was going to feature a uDraw-type tablet in lieu of the traditional controller. It sounds like this could possibly affect the Wii's usual style of games in a major way.
My bf and I got the wiiu and love it. The only thing is be CAREFUL when you want to transform files from the wii to the wiiu. We did it without two SIM cards and all of my games went to the wiiu instead of just the ones we picked out. I was pissed but thankfully it happen to my bf wiiu and not a friend of ours or family. That is the only thing about the wiiu that we do not like