Original Xbox Will the original Xbox be discontinued?


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Sep 22, 2011
Do you think Microsoft is going to discontinue the original Xbox anytime soon? I've heard that they are planning to discontinue the Zune. Seeing how a new Xbox is on its way (probably in 2012), I believe that they will be thinking about cutting off the customer support for the original Xbox in a few years.

What do you think?
Original Xbox? I thought that thing was long gone since there is the 360 now. And I read an article that said the current Xbox will be good until 2013-2015. Where did you hear next year from? I'm not concerned with Zune, because there are other sources to use for movies.
I am not sure, about the original Xbox being cut off. I pretty much forgot about it, since it is so old. I have not heard about a new Xbox release, either.
They discontinued the manufacturing end when the 360 came out, didn't they? As for repair support, that was discontinued a couple of years ago according to what I have read. That is Microsoft support, of course, and I would guess there are many sources out there for working on any problems with the original Xbox.
I don't know what you are talking about with a new Xbox coming in 2012. The chances of them making a new console earlier than 2014 is extremely unlikely. The economy is pretty bad right now, and Game developers are happier with having the same console out there so they can keep making games and gettng large purchases.
I too have not heard anything about a new X-Box... at least not next year. I would bet in 2014 too, that seems about the speed for new ones. I don't know if they stopped making the Original X-box or not. I know you can still buy them.