Xbox 360 Wireless Headsets


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Aug 10, 2012
We have a couple of wired headsets right now, but the wires are getting on my nerves so badly!! Do any of you have wireless headsets? Are they worth the money?
Of course. I love wireless technology. I have a wireless headset and it's the best thing ever. Combined with the wireless controller it makes gaming way more relaxing...I'm sitting confortably on a couch and playing.
I'd love a wireless headset too. Maybe by this I would be able to play from my couch too, as my tv is too far from it in order to use a wired headset. I think I'm gonna save some money and get one.
+1. It's the best thing ever. Makes gaming more comfortable, at least from my point of view. If you guys want to enjoy your headset, make sure you get a quality one. I had a cheap headset before this one, and it lasted only 2 months...
I definitely think that wireless headsets are better than wired, and they're worth their weight in gold, if you ask me!! I hate wires and I'll gladly pay twice as much for the same item if it's wireless - keyboard, mouse, controller, headset, you name it!
I would love wireless technology more if it actually worked, the few I have tried were just bad all over and I am not sure where to begin. A few friends suggested dropping more money but I would rather not do that if I have no idea if its actually going to do what I want (rather than waste money).
We have a wireless headset, and we haven't had any problems with it. The whole reason we got them originally is because our coach is way too far from the tv for a wired headset. What brands have you tried Eddie?