World of Warcraft


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Dec 22, 2011
I've been hearing about the World of Warcraft games for years now, but believe it or not, I've never actually played one. The monthly subscription you're required to keep in order to play it has always deterred me from trying it, because I feel like once you've bought the game, you shouldn't have to keep paying in order to keep playing. So I was wondering, is this game really as cool as everyone says it is? Is it really worth the money that it costs to play it? You tell me.
I haven't played it either, but I have two friends who swear by it. It's their favorite game to play and they have no qualms spending money on it. I think if you enjoy the game, it's worth spending the money on it. It's no different than spending money for Xbox Live or Netflix. It's all about what you enjoy doing and how you enjoy spending your spare time.
You're in luck, because WoW recently came out with a promotion where it's now free to play up until a certain level.

I played it a few years back, but I don't think I really fit the profile as the type of person that can enjoy this game. It involves going on a lot of "quests"...most of which I didn't find that interesting.
I never jumped on the World of Warcraft boat, either. A friend of mine played religiously for years because her brother paid for a membership for the two of them, but as soon as he stopped paying for her, she stopped playing, lol. I think I could get into the character/stat development, but I'm not really into open-ended games that are solely quest-based. I like being able to beat a game.
So once you buy your TV that lets you watch TV you should not have to buy dish or network service? You are paying for having your account live, just like you do with things like Netflix and so on. I have played a few times before. What do you want to know?
You don't actually buy the game right? It's online and you only pay the monthly service - or so that is how I thought it worked. I've never played it either. Allyson - that is a bit different. When you buy a game to play you should not have to pay anything additional. It's not like a service (TV, Cable, Netflix).
You purchase the game and install it on your computer yes. We still have a few copies around the house that I randomly find the packaging for, like the slip covers and whatnot. Kids will play with anything with scary images on them.
Shows you how much I know about WOW. I had a co-worker who brought in her laptop one day to show me what it was. She was always talking about the game. I swear she almost got a divorce because she played it all the time. She said you could chat with other people too. I'm not sure I would like that!
You can chat but you do not have to, though it does come in handy when you are raiding. People can not virtually read your mind or anything. And for those people who say that gaming ruins a relationship its phooey, the game does not do it - the person who puts anything like a game before their better half does.