Xbox 360 Would you give up on a game?


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Nov 13, 2012
I am a pretty stubborn person so, in my case, it's unlikely I'll give up on a game if I can't get to the next level or finish it. What about you? Would you quit playing a game if you found it too hard to win?
I'm stubborn in the persistent type way so usually when a game is hard, it makes me want to play even more. I love a challenge.

On the other side of the spectrum though, there's been a LOT of times where I'm playing a game, stop playing for a day or so and then all of a sudden, I realize that months have gone by and I stopped 75% of the way through the game. Of course at that point, you don't want to pick up where you left off since you don't remember once and would rather just start over but then you forget to. Confusing, huh? I gotta work on that lol
I give up on hard games that I really don't like. But if I'm playing a game that I really like, I would try over and over in order to get past a very difficult section. If I cannot do it on my own, I have no choice but to consult some walkthroughs. There are just games that you would like to play and experience up to the very end.
Give up? No
Typically, this is what I do with a game I find too complicated....
I find that setting it aside for a few weeks, focusing on another game (or other games) works good.
I have a library of about 100+ xBox games, a LOT of them are racing, some RPG, etc, so it's not too hard for me to focus on another game for a while
When I find things too complicated, I'll obsessively push it to the top of my priorities until it's finished. There's fun in challenging my capabilities and improving if at any time possible, and a troubling issue is just one of the thousands of ways to do so.
I don't give up on completing the game but I usually place the game aside when I get frustrated with it. After spending some time off from the game and coming back to it, I tend to do finish the parts that annoyed me in the past and finally beat the game.
Wow, I admire you guys for being persistent and not easily giving up. When I was a bit younger, I was like that too. I would concentrate real hard to finish a game no matter how hard it was. But times have changed and I no longer have a lot of time on my hands. That's why I tend to give up quite easily nowadays if I ever face a tough game.
A true gamer would never give up on a game! I would either wait a couple days if I got fed up of failing over and over or I would search on how to go about doing such a mission/level.
Unlike lindbergh when I was a kid I used gameshark to cheat my way through games. I don't know how I found that fun because as an adult gamer I never use cheats (except when messing around on GTA). The only time I give up on a game is when the game lacks to motivate me into advancing further. This is why I like achievements. It may be really hard and frustrating to beat a game on the hardest mode but its worth it when you finish. All those shiney achievement icons!
I don't give up on completing the game but I usually place the game aside when I get frustrated with it. After spending some time off from the game and coming back to it, I tend to do finish the parts that annoyed me in the past and finally beat the game.

Me too. I set the game aside and go back to it later. I'm also not ashamed to go to a walkthrough for help if I'm stuck. If I've finished 85% of a game through my own efforts, I don't think it's shameful to consult a walkthrough for hints on getting through a choke point. It's a game, not a test or exam. It's okay to look up the answer sometimes. There are times where I keep walking around an area, not knowing what I'm missing, and a walkthrough will point out a path or door that I didn't notice before. I don't rely heavily on walkthroughs, but they help when I'm stuck.
I don't so much give up on a game, as I'll leave it alone for a month (or months). This isn't necessarily due to being stuck or having problems with it - it's usually more due to the fact that I'm a wimp, and it doesn't take much for a game to make me jump. Fallout 3 is the worst for this, because I end up jumping at the most ridiculous things!

Mind you, I recently jumped whilst playing Skyrim due to a dragon landing on me :D
(I'm just the jumpy type)
I've given up on games before, mainly because I've also had other things that need doing in my life. I gave up on Uncharted as soon as (SPOILERS) it became all about Nazi zombie mutants that I had to mow down with a machine gun that had no aiming ability and a flashlight to illuminate when they were coming at me. Hell to the no, thanks. I was happy when it was just a silly adventure with a lot of cover shooting.

I also never finished Borderlands. I was still in college, and exams came up. I got past the first few bosses, got into the second big area, and realized that it was going to be several more hours of the same basic experience. I'd had fun with it, but didn't feel an urgent need to see it all through to the end. The story just wasn't interesting enough for me. Like I've said elsewhere, I am also a crafter and a film nerd, so I can happily engage in a story while doing things with my hands in another way too. :p
I actually give up on games quite often. Its not so much that the games are difficult, it's just that I'm not having a good time playing it.
I'm stubborn too, so I won't give up, but I'll consult walkthroughs BADLY. I'll HOG those walkthroughs. That's my main problem. Getting through the game without any help.

When I was younger I played this game called Open Season and I loved it so much, but I came across a horrible glitch and played it about 6000 times, but I couldn't do anything, walkthrough or not. So I guess that the games have to be severely glitched for me to give up on them :/
I usually don´t give up on any games I play but it is just because games tend to be easier now than in previous console generations, and developers spoonfeed you with tutorials at the beginning of each game instead of letting you discover gamplay mechanics for yourself, you don´t really find any difficult games in current consoles as the ones you could find in super nes and genesis era.