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    Nov 11, 2017
    So let me paint you this senario.

    Your on Destiny 2 to do a raid you find find this guy hosting ohh... let's say his name is Temperamental because... that's the guys gamer tag who did this Offense. Any ways everything is going great until my 1 1/2 yr old child is herd through the Mic just making this hum that he does. This Temperamental guy ask "what the f*** is that." Twice. Explained that it was my kid. Even gave apologies if it was a disturbance.

    Next I hear from this Temperamental he starts to verbally harass me through the voice chat & ends with "Muzzle your kid" then I get kicked from the game. My message response wasn't too kind replying with "yeah well go f*** your self" forward to 15 min later I get a reply back from this Temperamental reading "read the post & muzzle your kid" followed with a message from xbox live service suspending my communication ability.

    Wow thanks xbox live that was fast. So I'll get punished for just telling this guy off he reports me once. But I've submitted numerous reports for inappropriate gamertags, inappropriate language over Xbox Live Chat. I came across one kid on the game of OverWatch and he was using racial slurs, sexist, and bigoted language. Reported him and got no response. Not even a friendly notification that what I reported was actually taken care of. Yet I drop one F-bomb in a message against this guy and and I'm the one that's getting punished even though this guy out verbally attacked my kid. Thanks Xbox that was really fast and prompt how much actually look at the ones that I've reported people on.

    Yeah I'm not too proud of my response and yes it's really not okay and it does not excuse my actions but when somebody attacks my kid that's not okay especially when he's a one and a half year old that still trying to get sense make sense the senses yeah I cursed him out but he didn't have to report me he could have just simply blocked me and it said he's wasting time of people who are enforcing the terms and conditions of Xbox over something so petty.

    I guess my main reason for posting this. For parents taking into consideration of your words wisely cuz it'll work against you even though you're trying to protect your child. For those without children please be considerate of those who who are gamer parents and understand their kid comes first don't be a jerk like this guy follow Will Wheaton's rule. don't be a d!ck.