Wrongfully permanently banned

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    Aug 27, 2018
    First off let me say that I appreciate anyone who's with xbox to take the time to read this.

    Okay anyway.. Does anyone knows what it feels like to get wrongfully accused of cheating and then getting permanently banned? That's exactly what happened with my xbox account that I had for 9 years up until 2018. The feeling of it is horrific.

    So heres my explanation- My brother in law ran out of gold live and couldn't play so I was willing to allow him to borrow my account using the recovery method so he can play online. And then after a while I got an email from xbox saying my account has been permanently banned. After fighting ONE case review (which it allowed me to do just one) I explained to them that I never involved myself into any modifications against the xbox terms at all. I would never even think to put my account that I worked so hard on and time in in such a position. I have never had my account use any modifications. So after months passing I had concluded that my brother in law had something to do with it because he was the only one to have access to my account. And sure enough he did have a lot to do with it.. I asked him directly if he's been using modifications while on my account and he told me yes. Wow was I very furious about it. He gave me the answer I did not want to hear but now I really get whats been going on. My stress level was off the wall. I learned that I really can't trust anyone anymore with my personal things even if its a family member as bad as that sounds.

    After finding out whats really been going on behind my back with my account, I wanted to contact the xbox enforcement team immediately about it to hopefully resolve this issue that I recently found out about. But sadly it will not allow me to submit anymore case reviews so I can't explain what the reason behind my account ban was for and now im stuck with nothing. I lost 9 years of in game accomplishments and my entire account. I'm pleading for someone to help me get my account back please. I really do appreciate any xbox staff that are taking the time to read this and look into it. I will feel a very honorable person.

    Thank you so much.

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