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Aug 26, 2012
Below you can find the reviews for WWE 13. If you have any questions that the reviews didn't answer, start a new thread on the forum. Played the game already? Rate it above and tell us why you did or didn’t like it. Better yet, write your own user review!

9 out of 10 - EGM
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The bevy of unlockables, still stellar WWE Universe mode, even deeper customization features, and the nostalgia driven Attitude Era mode makes this the best wrestling game of this generation.

9 out of 10 - Game Informer
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I’ve always pointed to 2000’s WWF No Mercy as the best wrestling game I’ve ever played, but nostalgia is certainly a factor in that. After playing WWE ‘13, I’m hard pressed to think of a more enjoyable and complete wrestling game in history.

8.5 out of 10 - Machinima
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If you are an old school WWE fan longing to play with your favorite superstars of yesteryear, then this game is a must buy. Younger fans can learn a lot about the WWE’s past by playing through the Attitude Era mode as well.

8.4 out of 10 - IGN
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Of particular note is the game’s superb single-player experience, which should serve as the foundation for all future endeavors. If anything, the smart objective design and use of archival WWE footage makes us want more – and there’s no turning back.

8 out of 10 - Game Spot
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Subtle refinements and a great campaign boost WWE '13.

8 out of 10 - Official Xbox Magazine
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WWE ’13 is another great match from Yuke’s, but calling it better than WWE ’12 is tough. If you’re hoping to re-ignite a wrestling addiction, WWE ’13 is a great gateway, but the organization’s more ardent fans (like us) will enjoy this year’s effort while still clinging to their copies of WWE ’12 like an Anaconda Vice.
If you enjoy creating your own shows, forming your own factions, and designing your own stable of pro wrestlers, you'll view WWE 13's creation suite as the best there is, the best there was, and possibly the best there will be, with options more diverse than Mick Foley's wrestling personas. Yet the gameplay, AI, and controls have not significantly advanced from last year's title, making WWE 13 more uneven than the "People's Eyebrow."