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Apr 3, 2020
Hi Everyone,

I've been working on getting a proper monitor for the 120Hz @1440p resolution & frame rate settings for my X box One X, and after shopping through 4 different monitors, discovering new features and everything else,

-the conclusion is that you must be an X box Insider through the X box Insider Hub app that you can download for free in the marketplace.

With this app you can decide if you'd like to receive new features from the x box network, and there are 3 different options that cater to your preference.

(Beta, Delta or Omega)

-I currently have mine set to Beta and the 1440p/120hz does acknowledge in the video settings of my console which otherwise did not.

Your WQHD/QHD monitors at 16:9 ratio will all work if you allow the 'new' feature to be applicable through being an x box insider.

Sometimes the app requests you to fill out surveys and opinions regarding x box features, and this new frame rate and resolution through the app is probably just a demographic request from consumers so that Microsoft can harvest statistics regarding user preference etc.

The quizzes and questions don't take very long, and when you consider the fact that you're getting a new res/FR or a feature like using a web camera for streaming, it's worth it to be a correspondent in this way.

You also do not need a $100 HDMI chord as the one that came with my X box One X, or the one that came with my monitor both independently had no issues in use.

I hope this clears up any lost souls out there wondering why their 1440p QHD 144hz+ monitors aren't allowing the new res and frame rate.