Xbox 360 Achievement Stats


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Jan 20, 2012
Which Xbox 360 achievement is your favorite?

Which one are you proudest of attaining?

Which one was the most involved?

Which one took the longest?

For me, my favorite Xbox 360 achievement is not specific to one single game. Rather, I have a favorite "type" of achievement - the one you get when you beat the game. The ones that I'm proudest of are the ones I get when I beat the game on the hardest level. I don't know which achievement was the most involved but the one that's taking the longest by far is one of the ones I'm working on now - trying to finish GTA IV to 100% completion.
I generally don't have favorites of things; I love all of my achievements (well...mostly). I do enjoy looking at my stats on TrueAchievements, though. That site can break down my 'cheevos by difficulty/rarity, date won, genre and more! It is all very interesting.
My most proud achievement is getting a killionaire on halo 3.
I'm working my way to 1,000 pointing Dark Souls. In the spirit of that, I would say that the future fully achieved Dark Souls will be my shining jewel. However, getting to that is proving to be a tad bit difficult since you can die just by stepping out of the very first room you start in. Its a really fun game though, especially once you get to the point that you can invite people into your world to come help you with levels and bosses. Since it is Dark Souls, that also means that evil people come into your world and kill you.

Such is Dark Souls.
I'm also trying to complete GTA to 100% completion. I loved it when I would complete a mission and then out of nowhere and achievement would unlock. It was the best feeling in the world. Like icing on the cake. I just have a bunch of stats right now, but I don't even know if other people are even looking at my stats.
Favorite: Psychotic Prankster, Fallout 3 - This one resonated with my inner sadist, and I always like for there to be at least one achievement in a game that is based on novelty rather than difficulty or time investment.

Proudest & most involved: Ninja Gaiden 2, Way of the Master Ninja - If you've played Ninja Gaiden 2, one of the first things you probably noticed was that it is a rather difficult game for modern standards, even on lower difficulties. The higher difficulties, however, are practices in masochism. Being a major fan of the first two NG re-imaginations, I couldn't settle for only beating NG 2 on Mentor, as difficult as that was. Hours of dedication lead to a mastering of the I-frames, techniques, and boss patterns, all necessary to overcome this insane feat. This is my favorite 360 achievement as well as my favorite gaming achievement thus far.

Longest: Overkill, Halo 3 - This one took some thinking, because I was thinking about all the grinding achievements or completion ones that have a massive laundry list of things you have to do. It actually may be inaccurate that getting an overkill in ranked FFA in Halo 3 took more time investment than, say, maxing all of my characters/classes in Blue Dragon, but this one was a bit more frustrating and seemed longer, even if grinding is super tedious.

I also tried to get 100% completion in GTA IV, but after doing virtually everything, I wasn't sure what to do to get that last little bit that I need, and now I don't have the game in my possession. It actually might be my biggest achievement letdown, because I couldn't find out what I needed to do, despite looking at several guides.
Favorite: "The Simpsons Game" Press Start To Play.....literally that's all you have to do, kinda amazing

Proudest: When I Aced "The Orange Box" It took me quite a while since I didn't boost for TF2 and didn't cheat for the rest.

Most Involved: "Dead Rising" 7 Day Survivor.....Oddly enough I only played about 1-2 hours of the actual game while the rest of it was spent watching tv/playing another game while waiting to get down to 1 block of health so I could boost his health back up. However it's the only achievement where I had to literally plan an entire day around and actually make a plan (seriously there was a spread sheet...)

Took The Longest: "Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" Champion of Cyrodiil....I started the game on January 5th 2007 and got the achievement for completing the MAIN storyline on June 12 2008 which means that it tech took me about 1 1/2 years to get it from owning the game...I did all the side quests and dlc before I finished the game and had over 300 hours in it.
Which Xbox 360 achievement is your favorite?

"The D Project" - watch the credits to the end to see a bonus. Since I always watch the credits I couldn't help, but get this one and there is just something about a missable achievement like this that makes me laugh with delight.

Which one are you proudest of attaining?

"Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie" - kill a Rockstar developer in a ranked multiplayer match. I just find this so frigging amusement it's just... I can't help, but enjoy the moment when this popped up and I realized that I had inadvertently murdered a dev team member despite telling myself not to get my hopes up. I mean what are the chances? Apparently pretty good.

Which one was the most involved?

All of the above - complete all the single player grinds in Max Payne 3... I don't know why I felt I had to do this, but apparently I'm stupider then I look. I don't even like grinding, and yet... and yet.

Which one took the longest?

Lego Stars: Complete Saga 100% - although I would have to say that Bayonetta was a close second as far as getting all the achievements was concerned. That said having got this I turned off my 360 for a solid month. *shudders*
sorry to break it to you @Esperahol but the "Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie" achievement is a viral achievement which means that you can get it from either killing a rockstar dev, or killing someone else that has the achievement. So there is a chance you legit killed a rockstar which case mwhahahaha but more or likely since there's a 95% chance you get it from your first kill since so many people have it you got it from one of them.