Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Avatars


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Jan 20, 2012
Everyone who has an Xbox 360 Live account has an avatar, but not everyone spends time dressing them or buys accessories/outfits for them. Which group do you fall under? Have you spent any time and/or money personalizing your avatar?
My spouse did and his is just nuts. I am talking a top hat and something that looks like an outfit that a pimp would wear. I first caught it and asked him if there is anything I should know. :D
I customize mine with Auburn hats, shirt., orange shoes. I did spend a little money on it.
I fall into the category of those who don't really worry about their avatar. I can appreciate those who enjoy doing that type of thing, but I'd rather just get to playing games.
I thought it was really stupid how Microsoft was just copying the Wii's Miis when they first came out, but now I am used to them. I have never, ever bought any clothes for my avatar and probably never will (seems pointless). I have spent some time making it look like me and dressing it in clothes similar to what I would wear given the limited free choices, though.