Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Bargain Deal Thread


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Sep 19, 2011
Have you found a great 360 console or games bargain? Share with the community in this thread.
Gamestop is always featuring great deals for those who are willing to turn games in. You can see their current promotions listed here. You can get quite a deal of money back when you sell your old games.
One place that always good to check is the Amazon deal of the day. They put up a limited quantity item each day at a bargain price, so it's definitely worth a look. They also do weekly deals as well which don't always have as much of a discount, but can sometimes be newer or better games.
These are great links, I will check them regularly! I've taken to checking the Xbox Live gold deals of the week on the xbox live database It lists all of the reduced price games, add-ons, and content! Xbox seems to hide this info, for some reason, probably to get you to buy the items at full price next week. If you have the points, It's worth a look!
Check out It's a forum where people post thousands of deals on video games. Do a search for the game you want, and it'll show the forum threads where people have posted deals. I go there for all my gaming needs.
I co-sign cheapassgamer, it's the first place I look when there's a game that I'm interested in getting and it's saved me hundreds and hundreds of dollars at the end of the day.
only bargin I got was an xbox that had red rings off my friend for 20$

fixed it in like 10 minutes Lol
Hey guys! So Best Buy is doing free shipping on everything at until the end of the year. I did see some really cheap older titles for around $4.99+. Just thought I'd share in case you want to buy stocking stuffers for you or a loved one this holiday season. I am also keeping an eye on Amazon marketplace for some cheap used games under $10.
Amazon is offering Assassin's Creed 3 for $33 today with a $9 in credits! This one-day offer is valid until 11:59 PM PST on December 11, 2012, so complete the checkout process once you add the item to your Cart. Applies only to purchases of products sold by and not marketplace merchants. You can find the offer on the Amazon Facebook page here: has the MW3 Keyboard and mouse set for $52.99, which is about $30 cheaper than I could find it anywhere else if anyone is interested!

bundle_7562_0_7068_0.jpg is the best site to find deals in general. Is a forum but really easy to navigate around.
Groupon has Zumba Fitness Core for the 360 and Wii for $27 (reg $40) with free shipping/returns. As of right now, there is 2 days, 10 hours left on this deal!
I usually get all of my games from Gamefly. They sell used games really cheap and you get a discount if you're a member. Also, you can get new games for as low as $40.
Damn too bad I already bought AC3 day it came out. Thanks though, I'll be sure to share this with my friends!

Edit: just saw how old this is, lol.
Yeah, is there any way to kill this thread? The deal is already expired. Another way I like to get my games real cheap is on ebay with BillMeLater. I guess you have to have good credit. I just buy games and make small monthly payments. I'm always on ebay anyway. lol Happy gaming!
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I always go to gamestop. I've had some bad experiences buying games online so I tend to stay away from that.
Yeah, I have found a really good Cash converters type shop in Deptford (South London) market. I picked up an Xbox 360 arcade version with HDMI for £19 including all the cables!
While I was there I picked up COD Black ops for £3 too ;)