Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Console, Other Consoles


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Aug 9, 2012
Do you have your Xbox 360 console hooked up to the same TV as all of your other consoles, or do you have one console per room/TV? Ideally, we would like to have all of our consoles hooked up the same TV - the flat screen in our living room - but the PS2 doesn't display correctly on it, so instead we have each console hooked up to a different TV.
I have only my xbox hooked to my lcd. I also got my old ps2, but I don't use it that often since I got my xbox. Still, if I want to play, I just plug it into the tv very easy and I can play.
We have the 360 hooked up in the bedroom so that we can watch movies on it, and so I can play when I get a chance without having little people standing in front of the screen. ;)
My xbox is the only console I got and I got it hooked to my big tv in the living room. I'm using it for movies and games, so I keep it hooked all the time.
We have all of our consoles in the living room. Even though we have a TV in the bedroom, we rarely use it, plus the display is nowhere near as nice as the TV we have in the living room! :)
We have our consoles split between different TVs so that if one person is playing a video game on one console, other people in the house can play other games on a different console at the same time.