Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Games After Xbox 720's Release


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Jul 5, 2012
After the Xbox 720 is released, how do you think this will affect Xbox 360 games? Do you think there will be a period of time where games will be released for both consoles, or do you think the Xbox 360 will become obsolete as soon as the 720 is released? Also, do you think the prices of existing 360 games will go down or up?
I doubt that there will be a "grace period", so to speak, where games are released for both consoles, but I could be wrong about that. However, when a new console comes out, I think games for the previous version of that console usually drop in price.
I'm just crossing my fingers that there might be some sort of backward compatibility so we can use our current games on the new system. Microsoft doesn't seem to release much on both consoles when a new one comes out-Not like Sony does. They were still coming out with PS2 games for quite a while after they introduced the PS3. As for price, I'd expect the price to stay the same for new least for a bit.