Xbox 360 XBox 360 ranked 6th best gaming system ever by IGN


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Feb 22, 2012
I was looking at IGN's top 25 video game console list today, and the XBox 360 is number 6. That doesn't sound so great, but the top 5 are all basically classic systems. By comparison, the Playstation 3 is number 15! How do you feel about where the XBox 360 placed?
My first thought was that it should be higher too, but when I saw a couple of the systems ahead of it I didn't mind as much. How can you really compare systems like the NES to an Xbox 360? The whole "comparing apples to oranges" saying really comes to mind.
Xbox 360 really is a great console, but I have to admit, I'm kind of surprised that the Playstation 3 ranked so much lower! Where did the original Playstation and the PS2 rank? And the original Xbox?
The original Xbox is at number 11, the original Playstation is number 7, and the PS2 is number 3. I don't really mind so much that they all beat the PS3, but some of the other systems on the list are really odd choices. For example, the TurboGrafx-16 is number 13! While I remember Bonk's Adventure being pretty cool, I can't believe this system is ahead of the PS3.
At first, I was surprised to see XBox 360 ranked that low. I guess I just assumed that all of the advertising and hype would bump it up a bit. Regardless, it's a great system and that really isn't a bad showing. PS3's rank is awful. You would think that newer systems would have the edge.
I thought it was pretty odd that the newer systems did so poorly too, Zelda. On one hand I can appreciate that they included some classic systems at the top, but I think it could've been more balanced. I guess you'll never make everybody happy with a subjective list like this though.
It sounds like a great place to be, and well-deserved. I'm happy when more and more people jump on the 360 train and discover what a fun console it is.