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Jun 22, 2021
I have an xbox 360 elite that is around 10.5 years old. Recently, when I was loading up achievements on a game off of my late brother's account, it got stuck loading it. I then held the power button down a little bit, and then the screen froze. When it did freeze, the xbox was a little warm but nothing that I thought was too significant. And then I pressed on button to turn it off. When I turned it back on, I got the 3 rings of death with the green light on the battery charger with the fan blowing really hard. I turned it off to keep anything worse from happening.

Then after some research, I learned that it's unlikely that it's the power supply and there's a good chance that the console needs repair. I discovered that if you press the eject button with another button, you would get the error code and therefore tell you what's wrong. I went to turn on my xbox, but before I did that, I removed the hard drive on top of it so it wouldn't get corrupted or anything. When I pressed power button to turn it on, there was nothing. No red rings of death, no fan, no noise, no nothing.

I know that I can get another console for not too expensive, but it would be nice to fix this as soon as possible. I am willing to take this apart to fix this especially since I have disassembled overheating PS3 to apply thermal paste to it and then reassembled it and got it working and am using that ps3 to this day. I'm sure that this xbox will be easier to repair.

Since I can't get the code, what is likely wrong with xbox 360 that I would have to fix? Does it need hard drive to power on? Is there any way I can power it on to 3 rings of death at least so I can get error code?

Any tips on backing up the hard drive? Do you think I've lost any data or anything on it? If I inserted hard drive on another xbox 360, would the data, home screen, xbox settings, etc be just like my old xbox 360?

What else do I need to know?

All help, tips, advice, and answers is much appreciated.
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