Xbox 360 Xbox 4GB Kinect bundle


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Sep 22, 2011
Has anyone gotten the Xbox 4GB Kinect bundle? I read that it's the best-selling Xbox-related bundle for Amazon. It comes with a Kinect sensor and Xbox Live. It also has a wireless controller and wi-fi. Some of the Kinect adventure games are included, too.
I have thought about it for my son but one minute he wants it, the next he wants something else. I am not sure we would use it as much as other stuff in the house and only for that reason is why I have yet to get it.
I'm thinking of getting one, it also comes with a free game, the Adventures game for kinect. It's not that expensive and I thin the experience is worth it. I don't have any kids just yet but I would like it for myself, I've seen commercials and I fell in love with it immediately.