Xbox One Xbox 720 a real thing?


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Sep 22, 2011
Is the Xbox 720 a real thing? Is that actually what Microsoft is going to call it? It sounds sort of like a soda brand, to be honest.
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Xbox 720 is just a rumored name. Microsoft has said the current model of Xbox will last until 2013-2015. Supposedly the next one will be as powerful as a computer. I'll believe it when I see it though. If they can create one that has the gaming power of a high end PC, we are in for a real treat.
There are various rumors on the web regarding the upcoming Xbox model. Apparently, Peter Moore (ex-boss of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Division), confirmed that the production team from the Xbox 360 is working on the next "Xbox 720" (they called this their "pet name"). He also mentioned that Microsoft was waiting to see the types of CPUs that are available on the market in 2011-2012.
Technology is really exciting! I think it'd be great if the next Xbox was as powerful as a computer. I wonder, though-- does that mean it'll cost more, too?
Well they all start out at a high price, but I imagine one of that quality would be higher. I would definately buy it, because I use it so much that it would be money well spent. It might be a little tougher for some folks to buy it when it first comes out. All we can do is speculate for now though.
I hardly ever get the newest thing anymore. You can usually save a lot of money if you wait awhile. On the other hand, you can get good deals sometimes around the holidays or special promotions.
Yeah, but a lot of people are hardcore gamers that don't want to wait. It's not like there is a new Xbox out every year. We've only had two and if yours gets a lot of playing time, then it really is worth it. Games are a different story. Rarely will I care about getting a game right when it comes out. The upcoming Battlefield 3 is an exception. I'll be picking up my copy at midnight the day it is released.
Thanks for the info, guys! And, yeah, I almost always can't afford to buy the newest version of a game system when it first comes out. I try to wait at least a year for the price to go down (or for a good sale to happen).
Xbox 720, does sound like a silly name. I hope the creators come up with a better name, by the time it releases. I am excited to see what the Xbox 720 can do, if the console is going to be as powerful as a computer.
I don't think it sounds silly at all - I mean x-Box 360 doubled! I can't believe they are making people wait that long either. I'm sure we will have a newer playstation and Wii before this happens. I bet they will lose sales if they wait until 2015.
...Supposedly the next one will be as powerful as a computer. I'll believe it when I see it though. If they can create one that has the gaming power of a high end PC, we are in for a real treat.

Wouldn't that be nice! You are not kidding, a real treat indeed!
Microsoft hasn't confirmed or denied the existence of a next platform or the name 720, they are letting people guess what they want since it creates buzz. Wait for a press release, I bet we get one during E3.
I think they wouldn't call it the Xbox 720, but something more catchy. But the 720 is just a fan named anticipation for the newer generation of Xbox consoles.
I've always had trouble justifying buying the newest big thing--but I graduated university two years ago, so I'm poor as can be and hanging on to my PS3 as a full-blown entertainment system. I don't even have cable. When I finally bought Bioshock, it was for $20; I think Assassin's Creed was $14.

So, true to form, I assume my pals will grab the 720 (or whatever it is) and I'll wait FOREVER to get it on sale :p