Xbox One Xbox 720 gloveless wrist sensor


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Aug 2, 2012
A video released this week from Microsoft Research has hinted that the Xbox 720 may feature a gloveless wrist sensor to play the games with.
I read something about this earlier today. I think that the idea is pretty cool. Has there been any hint at a release date for the Xbox 720 yet?
Great idea! So Kinect will be gone and it'll be like a wristband? If so, that's really cool. Before you know it, we won't even need sensors. No hint at the release date of the 720 yet, so far everything you'll hear is just a rumor.
A wrist sensor would be great but what about the other parts of the body? But still, this would definitely increase the accuracy when playing games since the Kinect really gives me some problems when I'm playing. Yet this is just an improved motion sensor. What about innovations like what Nintendo did with the Wii U? Will the Xbox 720 only provide improved graphics and improved motion sensing capabilities and charge another $300+ on gamers?
Personally, I find it unnecessary. It does sound very interesting, I'll admit, but the main issue with add-ons like this is that they make accessories like the Kinect - which gamers just recently spent hundreds of dollars on - obsolete. Also, that means games will have to be made that can incorporate such a device, instantly increasing the price. Gaming consoles should not progress so quickly that consumers and game developers cannot keep up.
I don't know. Kinect is cool but what games are truly worth playing not names Dance Central? They seem to be spending a lot time on the motion gaming when I think the industry is slowly moving away from it. Sony has just about dropped it and Nintendo is doing their tablet thing.