Xbox One Xbox 720


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Aug 2, 2012
Has anyone heard anything about the Xbox 720? I ran across a website talking about it (sorry I can't post links yet) when I was searching for something else. I didn't know there were plans for a new Xbox in the works, but supposedly the new one will be released in time for Christmas 2013.
Well, there are no reliable news yet with regards to the Xbox 720. Microsoft is still keeping its mouth shut with regards to its next generation console. All I've heard are rumors with regards to the 720, some absurd and some quite believable but nothing is quite certain.
Yeah, lindbergh is right on this one. Any news that you may come across for the next system is really just conjecture and hearsay. You can't even fully believe anything the potential developers say about it because even they seem to have a difference of fact and opinion. Microsoft will probably show it off at this year's E3 though.