Xbox All Access and Gamepass Ultimate


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Sep 22, 2020
So im looking into buying a series x and gp ultimate via xbox all access and i was wondering,

Is gamepass applied to my xbox account when the first payment is made or is it only activated when the console arrives in november. I was hoping to be able to use it on pc for a bit before the console is due to ship
It is applied on purchase.
I have the Game pass for PC only and I bought the one month for £1 first and then a 3 month pass with a 40% off voucher and they stacked giving 4 months.
I didn't pre order and hope by February 2021 when my pass expires to have the actual console.
So no you do not need the console to play on a PC, I have been doing so for 2 weeks now.
Just bare in mind only certain games are for PC and buying the Ultimate Pass although gives access to everything might not allow for all to be played on your PC.
Although you can play on your Android phone but again not sure if it is everything.
is anyone else pissed off with MS for not allowing Game pass ultimate home sharing to extend to PC, they have it set up for xbox, whats the difference, i upgraded to pc so both me and my son could play on both systems, Not happy that you have to have a pass for each player for PC only, might have to reconsider the upgrade once the trial price runs its course.