Xbox 360 Xbox Black Friday 2012 deals


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Jun 24, 2012
The D
So you want to know who has the best deals on Xbox stuff this Black Friday? Check out Major Nelson's post for a listing of the latest and greatest Black Friday Xbox deals. If you're kid is wanting to play Skylanders, Walmart has a great deal on a Skylander's console bundle. Want a console, Skyrim and Forza? Check out Best Buy, Fred Meyers, Fry's and New Egg. Okay, I know you really want the newest mega-hit that was recently release: CoD: Black Ops 2 along with a new console, right? Gamestop may be the place that you want to start your Black Friday off with then...

Anyways, there are lots of great deals that will be available this Friday. If you're going to an actual store, just make sure to put Master Chief and Alex Mason to sleep at somewhat of a reasonable hour. Otherwise, you'll never last two minutes standing in line and dealing with the hordes of people trying to get their shopping done. Did I mention that I have all of my shopping done already? Yeah, I'm staying up late and sleeping in on Friday...;)
When it comes to Black Friday gaming sales, I always go with New Egg and Amazon. Between the two though, I'd go with New Egg since they never add shipping or tax on my orders for some strange reason. But hell, I won't complain about that :)
I hear ya. I'm an Amazon addict. New Egg and Tiger Direct are other favorites of mine, but unfortunately I end up ordering off of Amazon more since they carry a bigger variety of stuff. You don't get sales tax added on as long as the site that you're ordering from doesn't have a physical location in your state.