Xbox 360 Xbox Civilization Any Good?


New Member
Sep 22, 2011
I used to play Civilization on the computer a lot, and still do occasionally. I am curious about the Xbox version though. Is it just as fun?
Oh, I remember that game. I haven't played the Xbox version but I assume it'd be pretty good. I wonder if the graphics are better!
I've been meaning to purchase Civilization Revolution to play on my Xbox 360 for a few months now, because the reviews really praised this game. I was a big fan of Civilization back in the days. I used to spend days and nights playing it. I think I still have the game installed on my old laptop.
If you are considering getting this game, then I would strongly recommend purchasing it for the PC only. In my opinion, the game is very clunky using a console interface. One of the inherent advantages of using the PC for this game is having access to a full keyboard and all of the key bindings that entails.