XBox dad needs help with Gold Live

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    Oct 12, 2021
    My son (who lives part time with me and part time with his mother) has an XBox Series X that he bought for Christmas in 2020.

    Since then I purchased a one-year Gold Live membership in March 2021 that I thought he was using until he recently told me he wasn't.

    So I went to my account on his console and verified that my one-year subscription is still valid and then verified that my son is a "member" of my Microsoft family. When I switch to his gamertag on the console and attempt to play MLB The Show it asks me to purchase a Gold Live membership. Why? I've called XBox support and they were not able to help me.

    In addition I recently purchased my own XBox Series X console (so that he can resume gameplay on nights that he's overnight at my house). Is it possible to use the same subscription that I originally purchase in March? I've tried following instructional videos without any luck. The original console from Dec 2020 is identified as the HOME CONSOLE in the settings I have already verified.

    Any help would be appreciated so that he can play on both consoles using the same Gold Live subscription which was purchase under my Microsoft account.
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