Xbox 360 Xbox Disc Drive


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Dec 22, 2011
Does anyone else having issues with the disc drive sticking? Sometimes when we press the eject button to insert/release a game, the disc drive sticks and the Xbox won't open. We have to keep hitting the eject button until finally something catches and the disc bay comes out. We've found that this happens less frequently when we keep a game in the Xbox all the time, but we know this isn't normal. Does anyone else have this problem?
Yeah, we've had that problem from time to time, too. Our Xbox 360 is several years old, though, and has seen better days. We mostly just keep our fingers crossed and hope it doesn't tear up anytime soon, lol. As long as it works, we'll keep using it!
I don't have any problem with this either. I do have a problem with Wii games loading from time to time though. They tend to stick in the Wii but the X-box games don't stick. We play both consoles equally too.
This is sort of why we abandoned our first 360. The console kept randomly ejecting games, making said games obviously unplayable. We couldn't find a solution for it, but perhaps your system just needs to be cleaned out.
We've had this problem before, too. Not just with our Xbox 360, either - even our Playstation 2 sticks from time to time. I think it's just par for the course if/when you're using the console on a daily basis, like we do!