Xbox Live Arcade Pinball

Morris Code

New Member
Apr 25, 2012
What do you think about the pinball games that the Xbox Live Arcade has to offer? Obviously, it's not the same as playing on a real pinball machine (Where did all those go?!) but we tried a demo version of one that was pretty cool. I can't remember the name of it now, but it has several different pinball machines that you could play on, and the sound effects were realistic and reminiscent of the real thing.
I've never really cared for pinball video games. There's just no substitute for a pinball machine, and even though the video games can recreate them appearance-wise and sound-wise, it's still not the same as playing one at the local arcade. For me, it's either the real thing or nothing!
I've never played any pinball games for the Xbox, but I can't imagine it being anything like real pinball. Still, it's almost impossible to find a real pinball machine these days, so I'd be willing to try a pinball game, but I wouldn't be willing to pay more than about $5 dollars for it.
I don't know how many different pinball games there are in the Xbox Live Arcade, but I've tried Pinball Arcade and I liked it. It has several different pinball machines, all of which sound just like the real thing, and the animations are cool, too. You can even "knocK' the machine, just like in real life!
I was thinking about buying some microsoft points for and buying that game. I love pinball, wish I owned a pinball machine in real life ._.