Xbox live subscription (OPINION) "item shop"/add ons

Discussion in 'Xbox Live' started by Mullet86, May 28, 2020.


End console subscriptions and add ons of incomplete games

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  1. Mullet86

    Mullet86 New Member

    May 28, 2020
    Subscriptions to xbox live is a scam. What does it do for the gamers? Does it provide servers for ANY games? Does it finance anything besides next gen or rushing out the "s" and "x"? Along with playstation.. Top it off consoles are going into a "mobile add on" state. Just about every game out there has a "item shop" or look at DayZ, the biggest scam out there. Heres a new map, pay us more for a completely underdeveloped game. When in Arma on pc, its origins, (i could list a whole mess about old dayz dev) They do have weapons and vehicle add ons as well that are pretty low in price. But do not limit you. Best games ive ever found were monthly subscriptions, but you know what, they made it worth it! PC will always top consoles. But how are you going to compete by blatantly robbing your communities because "theyll pay if they want to play". Have you done anything in terms of covid to keep your community happy and continue to play or sit on your a***** and collect? Supposedly this is where YOU listen to your community. How much of it is children that have their eyes closed? How much of this "advancement in gaming" is really just becoming "for profit" like everything else? Similar to iphone and android.. Android having the same if not better tech than iphone, yet iphones jacked prices. LOL. Similar to windows banking off simple programming when you can learn linux and do ten times as much without all the update crap and security failures. I even remember this sweet game on pc called "GunZ the Duel" on steam, hackers like crazy, but you join a private server (someones own home system) and ZERO hackers, easily managed. Yet the people we PAY cannot seem capable to comprehend their own JOBS. Many questions, many opinions, and a lot of resentment for ever being lazy enough to play console again. Whats REALLY funny about hackers, the hacks are usually developed by the same people making the anti hax. Big blatant scam there as well. Anyway, i probably wont ever even come back to these forums, i just wanted to make you all think for a second. Do some research and figure out just how much the gaming industry seems to be taking advantage of its communities. Its just there to collect. "Are you not entertained?" ✌️