xbox Ministry


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Jul 3, 2012
Hey everyone me and some of my friends from my church are starting a XBOX Ministry. This ministry will be based more on a relational style that a Evangelical style ministry. We like to have fun but we have to throw the word in to make it a ministry. So here is the details, there will be a leader that we have chosen for each game that our ministry takes place in. Right now it will take place in Modern Warfare, Call of Duty, Halo, Skyrim, and possibly Minecraft. Once a week with the game that you choose you will join up with a leader in a game lobby and for 1 hour you will play games, kill people, and have fun. Then at the end of the hour we will go back into the game lobby and ask for prayer request and then pray over each other and the rest of our week. After that you can continue to keep on playing with the group but you do not have to stay.

We are working on building a website right now and have not came up with all the details but if we plan it out right and don't let the big picture destroy what we have done, this could end up being great. Its kind of like a clan but not really.

Let me know what you guys think about this idea. And if any of you are interested in helping out or joining the ministry my xbox GT is JU1CEYPAPAYA.

Dylan Williams
What a lovely idea. I did have to laugh a bit at will play games, kill people, and have fun.
and THEN take a prayer break after an hour :) Good luck and have a wonderful 4th!
I think that this is actually a pretty neat idea and it might really go a long way with the teen set. Yes, the games are violent etc. but it is not anything they aren't already doing. Why not add a positive evangelical response too?