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Discussion in 'Xbox One' started by Fewrious, Apr 30, 2019.

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    Apr 30, 2019
    Hi guys, new to the forum but has anyone had issues with the Xbox one s freezing, not being able to load games onto the device as mines only 4mths old and I've only just got it back from Microsoft today as its been away for over a week with the problems stated to which I'd reset the console several times as instructed from tech support but didn't work, so got it back today and thought great can get back online again but oh no, switched it on signed in, tried to install BO4 onto it and it took several times of switching off and on to get 50% installed only for it to freeze, then nothing, just a black screen no start up tune, nothing, so ended up on phone to Microsoft for nearly a hour to have it sent back off again tomorrow which they gave me a months free Xbox live which isn't really any consolation, bit p:mad::mad:d off as it'll be another week or so for it comes back as it sounds like all they did was hard reset it last time, I hope I get a new device this time as can't go through this again, has anyone else experienced anything similar or have I just been unlucky:(?