XBox one X - Wireless Display

Simon Hänel

New Member
Hello together,
I want Stream my PC (Windows 10 - 19044.1620) on my Xbox (Wireless Adapter 1000.19041.3218.70). If i Click on the Menubar, on the Connect-Tile, dont appear my Xbox.
But on my Router can i show the IP-Adress, and Ping is possible. The Network ist on Privat and Firewall disabled.
A Restart of bouth system Win&Xbox brings no solution.
Also ive disabled the hibernate-function on Windows.
With the Companion App is Streaming from xbox to Windows possible, but the other direction not.
What i do false? My Xbox is now wired (Wifi off).

What i mean, you can look this following guide-video.

Thank you :)

Kind regards,
Simon Hänel