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Sep 22, 2011
Has anyone ever participated in the Xbox Rewards program? It's been around for several years and I think it's ongoing. From what I've heard, you get points for completing challenges. But what can you do with the points?
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I never have, as I didn't think it was worth the effort you have to put in to get enough points to get something decent. But I'm sure somebody must have used it before.
I haven't heard of the Xbox rewards program? Where did you see information on it, at the Xbox website? What kind of points are you talking about? If they are the regular Microsoft points, you can do all kinds of things like buy games online or cool things for your avatar and other fun stuff.
I am not sure about the whole Xbox points thing. I do not use it, and I do not think my friends do, either. I would like to hear more on the points, if it is worth it, I might check it out.
It's kind of a program that isn't popular anymore. You have to have a Live account and you get points for renewing your membership and taking surveys, things like that. The prices are games, downloads, and avatars.
I just found a Facebook page for XBox Rewards. It only had something like 85 Likes, so it doesn't seem to be very popular. From what I read on one blog, it sounded as if the Rewards program might have been to counteract the cost of playing Xbox 360 games online. I guess it was the old smoke and mirrors to make it seem like you're paying less for something when you really aren't.
Wow, I've never heard of it either. So it's an old program? Can you earn free games if you get points? I'm all about free games and freebies but it's got to be easy to do. I don't like to spend a lot of time trying to earn points.
I just recently found out about it. And to think I've been complaining that Xbox should come up with something like this for the longest time. I'm probably going to check it out sometime soon.
I already have a Windows Live account, but it seems that I haven't heard about the Xbox Rewards Program so far. It's surprising that a lot of you guys haven't tested this program either. I guess it just goes to show that real gamers don't need rewards. The gaming experience is valuable enough for us... :p
I think it just wasn't very popular and that's why it is pretty much obsolete now. From what I read about it, nobody is missing much.
I heard about this program. My cousin tried it some years ago and the challenges weren't very difficult. I wonder why it didn't become popular, considering the fact that they gave away rewards. They even had a Facebook page. Where did Microsoft go wrong with this program?
The Xbox live rewards program is awesome! I get 20 ms points a month (minimum), with an extra event every month to boost that. Payout is after 100 points, but it doesn't take long if you do other things (marketplace purchases, using specific apps). There is a bonus added now for those with high achievements that make marketplace purchases cheaper (or at least ms points back on every purchase). I would strongly recommend joining up, even if I can't get referrals! LOL :cool:
I hope that a member has already touched on the uses of the points. I hear that the points are not going to be in X720, thus you might not need to concentrate on them more..:D
The Xbox live rewards program is great! I have collected 1260 (+20 pending) points from them so far. You have to get paid out at 100 points, but it doesn't take too long. You can do a 20+ ms point survey a month, and get rewards for doing things that you do on your Xbox already! If you have a number of achievements, you can get a discount on marketplace purchases, and a birthday gift!
I don't know about you, but I have 20 minutes a month for free MS points!