Xbox Series X Controller and Steam Link

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    Mar 30, 2021
    Hello everyone,

    Hopefully this will not be considered offtopic as it's issue concerning the controller.
    I recently bought Xbox Series X Controller to use with Steam Link as my living room 'window' to my PC.

    Unfortunately the controller is unable to pair with the Steam Link device via bluetooth. This issue was raised with Valve on their forums regarding the Steam Link beta branch.

    Later we got response (Link here) from Valve employee that they're basically waiting for MS to introduce a FW fix for this issue, I wanted to ask help from you guys if you could help raising the issue here :)

    The controller works fine when used with cable but that's far from ideal. Also the the Xbox One controllers with bluetooth work, it's just this newest ones having issues, and I'd really hate having to return this one.

    I also raised the issue via the MS support channels but they pointed me here :)

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