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Jul 6, 2012
During E3 coverage this year, Microsoft presented a new feature called Xbox Smartglass, which is supposed to allow Xbox owners to sync their mobile devices, like cell phones and tablets, with their Xbox. When streaming a TV show or movie through the Xbox, the Smartglass feature is supposed to send "complementary" information to your cell phone or tablet to "enrich" the experience of the show or movie. When you're playing a game, your mobile device might show a map on it at all times, or other information not found on-screen.

Do you see yourself taking advantage of the Smartglass feature?
I saw that when I was watching E3 coverage streaming through Xbox Live. I doubt that I'll take advantage of the feature, since I don't have any mobile tablets or a smartphone right now. However, if I did, I would try it out whenever I was playing a game. I don't care anything about having extra information when I'm watching TV or a movie, but it would be nice if I had a tablet and I could see the map on it at all times, or little hints or tips or something to that effect.
I agree with Gamertag888 - It would be really nice to have a map in your lap at all times, or sitting off to the side on the coffee table or something. Still, I don't have any compatible devices for the Xbox to sync with, so I don't really see myself using Smartglass.
I'll probably end up trying it out, but I doubt that I'll end up using it on a regular basis. I think it sounds somewhat similar to some of the blu-ray discs that have the option to use the BD-Live feature to add additional content to "enrich" the experience. I don't know. I just don't really care about all of that. As far as the maps go, I don't really feel that I need to have a map by my side. As I play the maps, I learn them and memorize them . It will be interesting to see if Xbox Smartglass becomes popular or not.
For those of you that have yet to see what Microsoft is planning with SmartGlass Technology, follow the link below to read an article and watch the E3 video of it in action. I am very excited to try SmartGlass with Halo 4.

E3 2012: Microsoft Announces Xbox SmartGlass

- me
I wasn't really impressed by the Smartglass feature, to be completely honest. It kind of sounded like "fluff" to me, like one of those completely unnecessary features that sounds really nice but no one ever has a real use for. I don't see myself using it as I didn't see any real benefit to it when they were explaining it at E3.