Xbox 360 Your original console cannot play a game disc: Solutions


Aug 26, 2012
Your Original Xbox 360 might be unable to play a game disc. There are several reasons behind it. The problem can be solved following few steps.


First, you need to inspect the back side of your disc. If there are excessive scratches or smudges, your Xbox console might not be able to read the disc. So the disc needs to be cleaned.

How to clean your disc

  • Hold the disc by the edges. But don’t touch the top or bottom surfaces of the disc.
  • Take a piece of soft, clean and slightly damp cloth and wipe the cloth lightly from the center of the disc outward.

Note: Never use solvents to clean the disc.

  • Finally load the disc into your console to play.

Isn't the disc playing?

If the disc is not playing, you'll have to remove memory unites or USB flash drives. You should turn off the console to remove the memory unites or USB flash drives. After removing the drives, try to play the disc.

If still there is problem with playing the disc, you'll have to check the disc type and region.

  • Check out the disc or packaging to know the disc type. But remember that The Xbox 360 cannot play all original games.
  • Check out the region code of the game disc. The region code should match the country where you purchased your console.

Here are the region codes and the corresponding geographic regions:

NTSC - North America and South America (United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and Brazil)

NTSC-J - Asia (Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan)

PAL - Europe, India, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand

You have to ensure that your disc is intended for the Xbox 360 console and has the correct region code.

Now try to play your disc again.

Still there is a problem!!

Insert another game disc to check whether the problem happens with any game disc or a particular disc.

Finally if you fail to troubleshoot the problem performing all above, your console needs service.