Xbox 360 your tags


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Nov 10, 2011
I am always amazed by some of the gamer tags out there and most times when I boot up I forget who is who but isnt that a part of the fun? What made you choose yours? Mine is pretty lame but I have a feeling I set it up on one of my off days.
My actual gamer tag is Trader with my clan tag added. I use this one because I'm a trader in the stock market, and I've just always liked it. I do enjoy seeing other people's gamer tags though. Some kids come up with some hilarious ones and others are pretty explicit. It's all in good fun to me.
Mine makes no sense what-so-ever but that is only because one night we decided to head out, get a console and then have a gaming party after a very long night of off/on party time. It is a ton of characters jumbled up and for the longest time it was a pain to try and remember.
Mine is one part my name, one part my nickname. I'm not a fan of the gamertags with a lot of x's or LEET speak in them. So.not.original!