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    Xbox 360 Help getting Roku TV to get signal

    Hey all. I just got a refurbished Xbox 360 to play Skyrim on. Since this Xbox doesn't have hdmi im using the av cables that came with it that the previous owner used. I have everything connected properly but everytime I go into the av app on our tv it says, No signal (is it on?). I've been...
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    Xbox 360 LEGO Star Wars TCS saved progress

    First post here, hoping someone can help. I have an Xbox live account but I rarely play, my kid plays with it logged in and uses the cloud save feature on all his games. We played LEGO Star Wars TCS, an Xbox 360 game on our Xbox One over the last 6 months and beat all the levels, opening them up...
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    Xbox 360 Constant xbox live disconnections

    Thought I would dig out the 360 and plug it in and see how things go. I managed to get the system updated but now every 3 minutes or so xbox live disconnects. - I am hard wired into the router - Network speed is a solid 30mbps - I have UPnP is enabled - I have the xbox assigned to a static IP...
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    Xbox 360 XBox 360 RF Board

    My son needs to replace the RF Board on his XBox 360 S console model 1439. I have been helping him look for one, there are plenty on Amazon. I have noticed that none of the ones we have found look identical to the board we have. Is the only thing I need to be concerned with is matching the...
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    Xbox 360 Xbox games for 4 years help plz

    I'm new to Xbox. I have bought Xbox 360 for my son. I have one month gold membership for free but I can't find any free games. How to get games suitable for my son age and is there a free way to download games? Thank you