LEGO Star Wars TCS saved progress

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    Aug 17, 2020
    First post here, hoping someone can help. I have an Xbox live account but I rarely play, my kid plays with it logged in and uses the cloud save feature on all his games. We played LEGO Star Wars TCS, an Xbox 360 game on our Xbox One over the last 6 months and beat all the levels, opening them up for free play. Then the other day he wanted to play and there was no save record in the cloud storage. No levels were opened. His achievements are all there, seeing every level has been beat plus various other achievements.

    I contacted support and they had me delete the profile on the console and then download it again. No luck obviously or I wouldn’t be here.

    I assumed I’d be able to find a solution that doesn’t require us beating the game again. In part because I don’t want to and in part because that just leaves the possibility of this happening again anyway. I was hoping some searching would find some files to download and import to unlock the levels or something. Does something like this exist? Can someone possibly share files that will unlock the levels or maybe there are codes? I don’t want to violate some kind of ethics or anything, we beat the levels already.

    Anyway, my son was really upset at his lost progress and I was hoping to be able to fix it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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