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    Controller will boot up console, but will not have any imputs work after that

    Hello, my controller put of nowhere started doing this bug, it will boot up the console, but after that, the controllers buttons will do nothing, I have seen no one else with this glitch, and I have no second controller or the money to buy another. New batteries does not help either
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    Xbox One Avoid me?

    Ok so for my first time ever in my Xbox career, ( been playing since the OG Xbox came out) I am at the status of Avoid me. I have read about how incredibly flawed this system is, and how to get out of the Avoid me status, but it constantly seems to fluctuate. I spend all day playing MMOs and Non...
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    Original Xbox Need Help with Broken Original Xbox

    Hello, i am new to this forum, I bought this Xbox for $5 at a thrift store and knowing it might be broken i was prepared to fix it. when plugging it in the Xbox automatically turns on and wont turn off permanently when pressing the power button. The disk drive wont open when pressing the eject...