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    Xbox One Xbox LIVE Gold 12 Months code

    Hello guys, I don't know if this is the right place to this, but I won a code in a contest at the company I work for, but I can not use it in my region because I am living in Argentina. It is a membership for one year to Xbox Live, I am selling it for 30 dollars, or maybe you could also make an...
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    Xbox One VC code was put in on Xbox, confirmed it was a 35,000 vc code, but once I went inot NBA, no VC..

    I bought a 35,000 VC code yesterday from GameStop (online) and I put the code into the 'use a code' tab in the Xbox store (on the Xbox itself) and once all figures were put in, it loaded for a second and then popped up a picture of the 35,000 VC and confirmed the code I put in was correct... now...