Xbox One VC code was put in on Xbox, confirmed it was a 35,000 vc code, but once I went inot NBA, no VC..


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Jan 1, 2017
I bought a 35,000 VC code yesterday from GameStop (online) and I put the code into the 'use a code' tab in the Xbox store (on the Xbox itself) and once all figures were put in, it loaded for a second and then popped up a picture of the 35,000 VC and confirmed the code I put in was correct... now after pressing continue, I quit NBA to restart it. (I've recently bought VC two other times before now and I did this everytime and it worked) Now once I reloaded up the game and arrived at the main menu, my VC was not added into the game? So I restarted my Xbox, signed out, even disconnected from wirless and non of which seemed to work.. now idk what is going on with my luck lately but this is the second VC code I've bought that hasn't worked. (Other one was a couple days ago, bought online from GameStop and they never sent the code with the confirmation email, stating

Links to your download codes and installation instructions will be sent in a separate email. )
So if someone could help me out that would be great!
Thank you