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    Xbox One Controllers won't connect

    Hello, I am having a problem with my day one Xbox One. I was playing a game (Ghost Recon: Wildlands) when it seemed like the console crashed. I had no control with the controller, although it was synced, and nothing was working in game. So, I turned the console off and on again. Only now none...
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    Xbox One Just bought new Xbox One S / Trouble trying to use two controllers

    I'm trying to get back into XBox with Xbox 1 S . Trying to play a basic game Brain Challenge and use two controllers. Can't figure out how to set them up so my wife can keep track of her own scores. Do we BOTH have to have a paid account with XBox or can we both use my account? I can't seem...
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    Xbox One Are the bumpers fixed on newer controllers?

    Hi. 2 questions. Has the bumpers been fixed on the newer controllers? I gave up playing for the past 2 yrs because the bumpers don't respond properly. Any recommendations on a third market cotroller or a model? Also I hear the s controllers have Bluetooth. Does this help with wireless headsets...