1. M

    Achievement progress window is blocking my view of the game

    Hello everyone! This is my first post and I have tried to do the research and find an issue to my solution, but I have hit a wall. Today, while playing Diablo 3, I got an achievement and it asked me if I wanted to display the achievement tracker on my screen while playing the game. Well, I...
  2. Proxy_J

    Xbox One Output problem

    I have an old monitor I wanted to use for both my 360 and One, so I got an HDMI to DVI adapter and an HDMI splitter. The 360 displays output just fine on either HDMI output, but the one the monitor says "No signal" but if I unplug it, it does know the the cableis unpluged. Both consoles are set...
  3. M

    Xbox One Xbox broken?

    My Xbox One is not working properly. When connected to my TV, the display is not the right size no matter what setting I change my TV to. Please help!
  4. SashaS

    Xbox One Monitor or TV?

    Console gaming is great and things like the controller, where you sit and what additional peripherals you use matters because it all contributes to an enjoyable gaming environment. But one of the most important aspects, besides the console itself, is the display. It dictates how well you see...